Private allotments to rent in Tendring

Malting Lane - Lower Kirby - Frinton on Sea - Essex


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Welcome to myvegplot private allotments to rent in Tendring.  Whether you just want to grow the freshest food, find a space to yourself or a place with community spirit then your own allotment at Malting Lane - Nr Frinton on Sea is the perfect place for you.

Before we go any further it’s important for you to know is that it’s not always going to be easy. Some days it will be cold, wet, windy or all of them. Some days you just won’t want to get out of bed. On the other hand some days will just be wonderful. Warm summer days and evenings, peace and quiet, fresh air and with a little hard work the rewards will be your very own hand grown food. You’ll know where it came from, its carbon footprint and just how eco friendly you have been in producing this wonderful bounty.

Most of all it will be the best food you have ever tasted or eaten. This is what we have planned for you at myvegplot Malting Lane allotments so here is some important information you might need to know before you go any further.

There are over 26 plots in total on a first come first served basis however there are now only a few plots left. To secure a plot you need to initially pay a deposit, you will pay the balance on handover when your plot is ready for you to take over – payment is always in advance. There are 3 plot sizes available measuring from 77 sq meters (1/3 size) to 250 sq meters (full size) sizes are approx.  Some have a garden shed* for your hand tools and bits n pieces, a water butt* and compost bin*. There is also somewhere to park your car (Closed during exceptionally wet periods in which case please find an alternative legal place to park) and that’s if you have to drive here - push bike, public transport or walking is preferable. Support and advice is also available through our own dedicated website ( and our own closed and private Facebook group.

*some conditions apply.

For more detailed information on how to secure your own allotment plot then go to the page buttons above and press ‘Site Plan & Cost’.  Please feel free to explore the site to find out more about owning your own private supported allotment - remember there my be no plots available those that are are on a first come first served basis. If we are full please ask to join our waiting list.

Interested? please call Tel. 01255 863025 (work 9.30 - 4.30 Mon -Thu, 1 pm Friday), Mobile or text 07460 288855 or email


Just one example of the produce from plot one in 2016

Available plots  -  We do have a very limited number plots available for the 2020 / 2021 season. Please contact us for more details.

Hello and a warm welcome to myvegplot Tendring

If we are full please ask to join our waiting list. Interested? please call T. 01255 863025 (work 9.30 - 4.30 Mon -Thu, 1 pm Friday), Mobile 07460 288855 or email

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